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About Noonan & McDowell, Inc.
Noonan & McDowell was co-founded in 1986 by partners John L. Noonan P.L.S.-P.E. and Malcolm P. McDowell, P.L.S.-P.E. Twenty-five years later, the company continues to excel due to their dedication to providing clients with well conceived and executed services at affordable prices. It is commitment to those principles that over the years, has earned Noonan & McDowell an impeccable reputation and clients including The Big Dig, NASDI and McCourt Construction Company, as well as many new home owners and small businesses. 

Today, Noonan & McDowell is led by John L. Noonan and his team of experienced professionals. As the field of land surveying and civil engineering is constantly evolving, this dedicated team stays current by continuing to learn and explore new technologies, practices, equipment and tools. 

For Noonan & McDowell, creating the best possible experience for its clients depends on a few major components:

Level of Service & Communication
John maintains active participation in all phases of conception, presentation, and design of each and every project. This level of involvement with an experienced registered professional assures that your project will be completed to the highest possible standard. Noonan & McDowell also prides itself on its one on one customer service and availability to any new or potential clients that need guidance or have questions.

Reliability & Efficiency
In addition to quality, the attribute most important to a successful project is timely performance and delivery. Careful planning, knowledge of the complex regulatory requirements and procedures unique to each project, and an honest evaluation of a projects limits are necessary to the determine an accurate schedule. Noonan & McDowell has the experience necessary to complete a job as quickly as the parameters will allow – saving both time and cost.

Twenty-five years of field experience in the measurement sciences allows Noonan & McDowell to intuitively recognize the limits of new technologies, while applying common sense and basic surveying fundamentals. Equally important to the design and permitting of a project is support for construction layout. We realize that the best-conceived construction schedules are subject to sudden change due to unforeseen events. For this reason we schedule construction layout projects with utmost priority. Our staff is flexible enough so that we have been able to support unexpected requests for field survey assistance in a timely manner with qualified personnel.

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